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Citrus + Travel

Modern Marketing For the Travel Industry

A full-service agency tailored for the Travel and Hospitality Industry

We are responsible for promoting the interests of the DMO, attracting tourists, fostering partnerships, and enhancing collaborations. Our office in Mexico aims to strengthen partnerships, boost tourism, and promote the represented destination to Mexican travelers and industry professionals.

Our services include:

Market Promotion and Awareness: Marketing campaigns and events to increase awareness among travel trade professionals, media, and potential visitors.

Cooperative Campaigns: Collaborate with travel agencies, airlines, and stakeholders to create tourism packages and promotions.

Travel Trade Engagement: Organize workshops and educational sessions for travel agents and tour operators.

Media Relations/PR: Building relationships with media outlets, influencers, and journalists to secure positive coverage and coordinate promotional activities.

Consumer Engagement: Using social media, content marketing, and promotions to provide information about attractions, accommodations, and travel tips.

Representation at Trade Shows and Events: Attending industry events, trade fairs, and expos to promote destinations and establish partnerships.

Market Research: Research to understand travel trends and preferences and offer insights to tailor marketing strategies.

Reporting and Evaluation: Continuously monitoring KPIs and offering recommendations for campaign and initiative improvements.

Beyond the Data: Tourism & Travel Insights

Data only gets you so far. To put it to use, you must find actionable insights that can lead to fresh thinking. Our unique and savvy approach, especially with female and Hispanic travelers, is what sets Citrus apart.

Spontaneous But More Proactive Travelers

Most travelers are planning and searching for trips in the short term (0-60 days), but globally, the 180+ day search window saw the strongest growth, with a 20% increase in search share quarter-over-quarter.

Source: Traveler Insights Report Q1 2023, Expedia Group

Ladies First

In the U.S., women dominate leisure travel by a 63% to 37% ratio over men. Worldwide there is a similar skew, with 64% of global travelers being female, versus 36% male.

Source: RV and Playa,

Hispanic Travelers Seeking Familiar, Yet New, Cultural Experiences

There is a strong desire to experience other Latino cultures and destinations, with 71% saying they would like to do so even if it is not where their family originated from.

Source: Vistas Latinas: A Landmark Study on U.S. Travelers of Hispanic Descent, MMGY Global

Our Travel & Tourism Experience

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