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Earned media is organic exposure and publicity for your brand. You didn’t pay for it, and most importantly, earned media is third-party validation of your brand by trusted community influencers and reporters. What brand doesn’t need more of that?

Blogs, referrals, influencer marketing campaigns, reviews, press release pick-ups – all are examples of earned media and the value is that they deliver authenticity to consumers. In a study by Bright Local in 2021, researchers found that 49% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Nearly 54.7% of consumers read at least four reviews before purchasing items. Together, paid and earned media drive brand goals for greater exposure and engagement.

Earned media shifts consumer beliefs and builds positive consumer relationships, which is essential to growing brand recognition. Below are a few techniques we use at Citrus to land earned media placements for our clients. They can work for your brand as well.

1. Create an Engaging Brand Story

A study done by Accenture found that more than six in ten consumers under the age of 30 consider a company’s value, ethics and authenticity before purchasing its products. An authentic brand is purpose-led, and the brand’s stance on social issues and equity initiatives is clear to consumers. Using your brand’s story, you can create campaigns that integrate who you are with what you can do. This allows you to pitch media and utilize industry leaders to promote your brand through your purpose.


2. Create Unique Influencer Marketing Campaigns

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the influencer economy was valued at 7.36 billion dollars in 2021. This form of advertising utilizes an influencer’s preexisting niche community, allowing your target audience to be reached by an already trusted source. Influencers provide various services, from social media posts and giveaways to video sessions and brand ambassadors. Using influencers with authentic and relatable content that drives positive sentiment to your brand can ensure your audience sees you as a trusted company.


3. Customers Become Your Earned Media Channel

Consumers make purchasing decisions on brand stories and reviews. This drives the overall sentiment of a brand, business or product. Customer reviews post-purchase or service can control overall customer sentiment. Paying attention to reviews, following up with consumers, attending to their complaints and distributing incentives for feedback are ways to ensure you curate an experience that grows positive brand sentiment.


4. Media Relations and Media Pitching

Media pitching involves outreach to reporters, writers and news outlets, asking them to write about your product or brand. Successful pitches position your brand in front of a broad audience at no cost. Press releases, news segments and broadcast mentions can promote your brand story, events and products. First, identify key markets where consumers will resonate with your message. Second, distinguish who in the media can position your message in front of your target audience. Third, tailor a pitch relevant to the reporter’s beat, the timing and the audience.

If you are intentional with your earned media strategy, consumers change the way they view your brand and help you reach new audiences. Citrus Advertising can provide your brand with an earned media strategy designed to target your audiences through campaigns, pitching and storytelling while keeping up with industry trends. Contact us today to tell us how we can grow your brand.